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No Network Activity on Ethernet

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No Network Activity on Ethernet

I may have a problem with one of my PicoZed SDRs.  It seems the Ethernet PHY has an issue.  Linux boots the PHY without a problem and can read/write from/to the PHY, but anything external doesn't see any activity.  For example, basic network functions such as ping won't work.
We tried multiple carrier cards, and the problem appears to follow the SOM.  Using a new SOM fixes the problem.
Thank you for your time.

PicoZed SDR has been

PicoZed SDR has been rebranded and is no longer supported by Avnet.

Please see this post

Please refer support questions to Analog Devices

Hi Neemah,

Hi Neemah,

As Josh said, ADI has taken on all support for PZSDR now.

We did see a similar issue early on -

Perhaps the ADI team have since diagnosed the issue and have a solution (?).