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CTS Extruded Heat Sinks with Low Thermal Resistance used on ZedBoard

Elkhart, IN – February 4, 2013 – CTS Electronic Components, Incorporated (NYSE: CTS)
announces a full line of heat sink products that are convenient and easy to use, while maintaining
an exceptional thermal performance. These heat sinks are applicable
for BGA, PGA, PLCC, QFP and other IC packages.
Forged Heat Sink Series is a set of low profile, thin fin heat sinks. Its
height ranges from 6.3mm to 32.6mm with thermal resistance as low
as 1.9°C/Watt @ 200 LFPM convection flow conditions. These heat
sinks attach to the integrated circuit via an adhesive tape or clip,
whichever is appropriate for the application. As a result, they are easy
to handle and require no special tools to assemble on the IC packages
or additional holes on the PCB. CTS’ line of forged heat sinks, AER,
APF, and APR series, are ideal for large ICs with heat dissipation needs.
Extruded Heat Sink Series has a pre-applied adhesive tape that peels
off and sticks onto the component. This attachment method reduces
assembly cost and there are no messy adhesives or greases required.
The adhesive shear strength at 100°C is 36 psi - a one inch square
heat sink would require a 36 lb. force to remove heat sink. Thermal
resistance for this product as low as 2.6°C/Watt @ 400 LFPM forced
convection flow conditions. CTS’ BDN series is a cost effective
alternative compared to conventional heat sinks.
“Design engineers need effective solutions for the dissipation of heat from high performance
integrated circuits,” says Terry Luxmore, Director of Thermal Products for CTS. “CTS’ full array of
heat sinks meet a wide range of thermal resistance demands with minimal assembly cost and
complexity.” For examples of real world applications, see Avnet’s ZedBoardTM program where CTS
heat sinks have been chosen for reference designs available at
For more information on the AER, APF, and APR Series and BDN Series and other heat sinks that
offer cost effective solutions in both standard and customized configurations, please contact your
local CTS Sales Representative or supporting CTS Inside Sales Representative or visit or call 630-577-8857.