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Avnet Electronics Marketing Opens Registration for X-fest Japan 2012 Technical Seminars

May 9, 2012 - Avnet Electronics Marketing Opens Registration for X-fest Japan 2012 Technical Seminars
TOKYO -- Continuing a 15-year legacy of innovation, Avnet EM Japan and Unidux, Inc., the Japanese subsidiaries of Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), and Xilinx, K.K., the Japanese subsidiary of Xilinx, Inc., announced the opening of the registration website for Japan's X-fest 2012 technical seminars. For complete information about X-Fest 2012 including full course descriptions, locations and registration information, please visit the X-fest Japan 2012 website at Watch a short video with Japanese subtitles about what you'll see at X-fest.
X-fest 2012 is a series of free, day-long seminars that will be presented in 22 locations around the globe including Tokyo on July 4, 2012 and Osaka on July 20, 2012. The program features 15 technical courses based on Xilinx's new Artix™-7, Kintex -7™ and Virtex™-7 FPGAs, as well as the new Zynq™-7000 Extensible Processing Platform (EPP) family. Industry experts and hands-on demonstrations featuring real-world solutions will be showcased from Aldec, Analog Devices, Inc., ARM, Mathworks, Maxim, Micron Technology, and TE Connectivity. They will be joined by local sponsors including Oki Information Systems and Rohm Semiconductors. Design engineers will leave X-fest armed with the tools and practical knowledge they need to tackle existing and future design application challenges, and extend product life cycles.
Attendees have the ability to customize their day by picking up to five courses from any of the three unique training tracks:

  • The FPGA Fundamentals track features four courses aimed at common design issues facing both new and advanced FPGA designers. Topics around Xilinx 28nm 7series FPGAs include power design, optimizing memory interfaces, clocking and PCIe interface implementations.
  • The Applications track delves deeper into design methodologies and techniques required in designing with the Zynq™-7000 EPP and 7 series FPGAs. Application oriented topics include wired communications, motor control, video and real-world analog processing.
  • The Zynq™-7000 EPP track provides four courses dedicated to the ARM® dual core Cortex™-A9 MPCore™ based device. Topics include an introductory overview of the Zynq-7000 EPP architecture, Zynq-7000 EPP development tools overview and software acceleration techniques using the Zynq-7000 EPP's programmable logic.

"Avnet, Xilinx and our industry-leading X-fest sponsors have created this seminar series to help designers navigate through the complexities of advanced technologies, providing them with technical insight from a broad spectrum of industry leaders," said Tim Barber, senior vice president, global design chain business development, Avnet Electronics Marketing. "In its 15 year, this X-fest is built around the Xilinx 7-series and Zynq-7000 solutions, delivering unique content that FPGA and embedded designers around the world can use to propel the technology industry forward."
"X-Fest is a unique opportunity for design engineers around the globe to get hands-on experience and gain a fresh understanding of the latest developments in the world of FPGAs and their convergence with embedded processing," said Chris Henry, vice president, Channel Sales from Xilinx. "They will learn how Xilinx has moved FPGAs further into the embedded space with the cooperation of ARM and how our FPGAs are now offering more than what Moore's Law makes possible."
"X-fest Japan 2012 will be the premier event of the year in the FPGA and programmable logic arena. As Xilinx's exclusive global distribution partner, Avnet is aligned with Xilinx on their new product developments like never before. This alignment enables us to provide working hardware platforms to support Xilinx's latest product offering, coupled with many supporting products and technologies from many of our other supplier partners; we delivered over 10,000 solutions to our customers in 2011," stated Tom McCartney, president and representative director of Avnet EM Holdings (Japan). "Also, our dedicated Xilinx FAEs in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka will be on hand to focus on delivering system-level solutions to customers who need to address high-end embedded-system applications, such as video surveillance, automotive-driver assistance, next-generation wireless, and factory automation," he continued.
"I'm looking forward to this year's X-fest as we will not only continue to arm attendees with tools and practical knowledge to tackle design challenges for PCIe, DSP, power management, memory interfaces and analog front-ends, but we will also introduce the Zynq 7000 series family, which was named the ultimate SoC (System-on-Chip) Product of 2011 at UBM Electronics' 2012 ACE Awards ceremony held in San Jose in March 2012. The Zynq 7000 architecture is truly a milestone as it reversing the embedded processing paradigm by moving from an FPGA-centric platform to an All programmable platform supported by the new Vivado Design Suite that improves designer productivity by 4X with an IP and system centric design methodology," added Sam Rogan, president of Xilinx K.K.
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