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Accessing Arduino expansion card I/O

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Accessing Arduino expansion card I/O

I wish to connect ST X-Nucleo audio card X-Nucleo-CCAO21 to Arduino Carrier Card and access its signals (I2S) using the MicroZed module. 
Is there a tutorial that can help me get started on this?



We do not have any tutorials related to this board.

The audio card you refer to seems to be made primarily to connect directly to an ST MCU board and, while it does have arduino connectors, all of their material targets the ST MCU boards:

You will need to take a careful look at the Arduino Carrier Card schematic and the X-Nucleo audio card schematic and see if it is even possible to connect the I2S signals you are interested in to the MicroZed. The Arduino Carrier Card schematic and Users Guide can be found here:


Thanks for the links!

Thanks for the links!
I managed to connect the audio card and access its signals. In my free time I'll try to make a tutorial and post it here.